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University Pathway Program

Completing the Sol Schools University Pathways Program can facilitate your entry into one of our partnering Colleges or Universities in Canada or the USA. We provide you with the necessary skills and counselling to help you succeed in any college or university program we offer. Academically, this includes exam taking techniques, essay writing skills, research skills, academic writing and speaking, critical thinking and presentation skills. Administratively, we will help with course and program selection and offer you assistance with the application and enrollment procedures into your school of choice.

With assistance from our Pathway Placement Counsellors, you can select the program and institution that is right for you. You will beneļ¬t from our extensive network of partner colleges and universities and in most cases be exempt from further entrance testing.

How To Apply

  1. Take our ONLINE TEST to see what level English you are (1-8)
  2. Complete interview with a University Placement Counselor to advise you the best English language program based on your objective and which program and institute you wish to join
  3. REGISTER for Sol Schools Internationals University Pathways Program
  4. Fill out the application for your chosen University or College
  5. Receive Sol Schools Letter of Acceptance and conditional Letter of Acceptance from the chosen University or College
  6. Apply for your Visa

Program Duration*

Depending on your initial assessment, you can expect roughly the following study durations before your entrance into a university or college program:

Initial LevelExpected Program Duration
Levels 3 & 4 10 to 12 months
Levels 4 & 5 8 to 10 months
Levels 5 & 6 6 to 8 months
Levels 7 & 8 2 to 6 months

Sol Schools Pathway Support

1) Initial Academic Evaluation

Your initial academic evaluation is one of the most important steps toward achieving your goals quickly and effectively.

During your first week in the Pathway Program, you will be tested and evaluated for your level of English in all areas and placed in programs best suited to help you achieve your academic goals.

2) Pathway Counselling

Given the number of programs and schools available, choosing a program or school can be complex and requires an incredible amount of knowledge. Our Pathway Program Counsellors will help you choose the school and program that fits into your future career goals.

3) Application Support

Each college and university has its own application requirements and procedure. We will assist you with this application process and give you all the support you need to get into the college or university that can help you achieve your academic goals.

* Programs for this course are a minimum of 8 weeks. 4 of the 8 weeks must be in our level 7 or level 8.

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