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Acsenda School of Management

General Information

Acsenda School of Management is an international business management and leadership institution that offers undergraduate programs in the province of British Columbia, Canada. We emphasize a unique combination of small class sizes, open access to instructors and the use of the latest technology. We are able to get to know our students. We understand their strengths, and work with them directly to foster a deeper level of critical thinking and business management knowledge.

General Fees


Program tuition is calculated based on the number of courses you are taking.

  • Domestic students: $620 CAD per three-credit course.
  • International students: $1,299 CAD per three-credit course.

In addition to course tuition, there are some miscellaneous fees that you should plan for, as shown in the table below. All students are required to pay tuition fees and expenses before the start of each term of study.

Fee Type
Canadian Students
International Students
Application Fee (Non Refundable) $150.00 $150.00
Contract Fee (Per Term) $50.00 $50.00
Student Activity Fee (Per Term) $40.00 $40.00
Library Fee (Per Term) $50.00 $50.00
Photocopy fee (Per Course) $25.00 $25.00
Textbooks (Per Course) $150.00 (Approximate) $150.00 (Approximate)
Student Photo ID (Annual) $20 $20

Tuition and other fees are subject to change. All fees in Canadian dollars. Please check with the Admission’s Office for the most up-to-date fee schedule.

Programs of Study

Acsenda offers Bachelor of Business Administration degrees and Advanced Diplomas in Business Administration. Acsenda’s entrance requirements are grades of C+ or higher. (In comparison, major BC universities’ GPA requirements are low 80s for UBC Vancouver and mid-70s for UBC Okanagan, 70% to 80% for UVic, and 80% to 90% for SFU. Students complete 120 credits for the BBA program, or 40 courses at 3 credits per course. There are four terms per academic year. Acsenda is listed in the British Columbia Credit Transfer system under its former name (Sprott Shaw Degree College) as of May 2013. Acsenda is listed as both a “recipient” and a “sender” of transferable university credits.

Admission Requirements

Students of Sol Schools International who successfully complete either the Level 7(Advanced) or the Level 8 (Proficiency) program are eligible for admission to ASM’s Bachelor of Business Administration Program provided that the students meet all the other admission requirements into ASM’s BBA program. The students are eligible to take ASM’s English 101 – University Writing.

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