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Canada lifts visa requirement for the Czech Republic

Ottawa, November 14, 2013 — Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander announced that, effective immediately, Czech nationals no longer require a temporary resident visa to visit Canada. Czech nationals can now stay in Canada for up to six months visa-free, which is consistent with all other visa exempt nationals.

Canada values strong ties with our European friends and after working with Czech officials for some time we are pleased to be able to extend visa-free travel for Czech citizens,” said Alexander. “This move is a testament to the strong relationship between Canada and the Czech Republic and reinforces our government’s commitment to facilitate legitimate trade and travel.

This is great news for both the Czech Republic and Canada,” said Canadian Ambassador Otto Jelinek. “By making it easier for Czechs to visit Canada, we are strengthening the already close cultural and economic ties that exist between our two countries.


Sol School Calgary – Moving Home!

Dear students, parents and partners

As you probably already know, the city of Calgary has suffered through one of the worst floods in its history this past summer. Because of this flood, much of the building we occupied was destroyed along with much of downtown Calgary.

Since then we have been housed in a very similar building a few blocks away while our original space was being rebuilt.

We’re happy to report that our space is finally ready for our move back. We will be moving back home this weekend and resume classes on Monday, December 2, 2013, in our brand new “old space” at:

1212 – 1st Street, Unit 116
Calgary Alberta, T2G 2H8, Canada

For more detailed information and a map, please visit our contact page.

Of course, our phone and fax number and all email addresses will remain the same.

If you have any further questions and concerns, please email us at:

Please also note that the school will be closed on Friday November 29th, 2013 for the move.


Sol Schools Management

Testimonial of the Month!

This months best testimonial came from a Sol Schools Calgary student. Read what Lorenzo had to say about his time in Calgary….

“I have always thought I could have found something interesting in a new place. I have never been in Canada so I decided to stay for a month in Calgary, a beautiful modern city. Now I realize that something changed in my life: new friends, new place, new life! I was far from home (because I’m italian) but I really appreciated this chance to be there for a month. Unfortunately it was a short period but I am really happy for all the activities I could do. I had great teachers, I met lovely students from all over the world and I had amazing feelings. In a single word I would say “Awesome”!. I lived for a month in Bowness, in the city of Calgary. I was not too far from school and i had time to visit the city as well as Banff and Lake Louise. I had a wonderful time with friends during the activities: we played soccer, we ate chicken wings, we played pool, we went to Calgary Tower, we visited many different places and we did many other things. A lot of people asked me about this experience and the only answer i could give was “You have to go to Canada!”. I love this country and I really hope to visit it again (maybe another city like Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver). It has been a pleasure for me to get in touch with everyone there!”

The Strike is Over!


It is with great pleasure that we have learned that the Government of Canada and the Professional Association of Foreign Service Officers (PAFSO), the union that represents Foreign Officers including Canadian Visa Officers, have reached a tentative agreement, effectively putting an end to strike actions.

Although this agreement still has to be confirmed by PAFSO members through a vote, activities will be returning to normal in all Canadian Embassies and Consulates over the next few days.  Visas will therefore soon return to normal processing times.

To obtain more information on the deal reached between the Canadian Government and PAFSO, you can read the statements issued by each party here and here.  PAFSO members have made a commitment to clear any backlogs caused by the strike.

If you have already had students submit applications, they should be processed within a short time frame.  For future applications and to keep up to date on the most recent information, we suggest you continue to use the online tools provided by Citizenship and Immigration Canada at .

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