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Why Choose Sol Schools International?

Every year, we welcome students from over 60 countries into our various programs. Every student has his/her own reasons for choosing to study at Sol Schools International but here are a few reasons why our schools are a great choice for everyone:

  • Beautiful buildings with easily accessible locations
  • A warm and welcoming atmosphere
  • Highly trained and qualified teachers
  • Maximum English teacher to student ratio 1:12
  • Flexible and effective study programs
  • Specialized elective courses that start every Monday
  • Students receive a globally recognized certificate of completion at graduation
  • In-house Accommodations Coordinator
  • Full-time Activities Coordinators providing many great activities and excursions for all English language students
  • Student Housing available at each school

Small Classes, Great Teachers

An important aspect of an international language school is the class size. With a maximum of 12 students per class, Sol Schools International's classes provide a comfortable atmosphere for you to learn English. You can express yourself at your own pace, voice your ideas freely and share your thoughts, ideas and opinions confidently. Most importantly, you will have many opportunities to practice your English and become a better and more fluent English speaker.

In combination with small classes, your teachers are professionally trained, highly motivated and energetic educators who excel in every aspect of their profession. They have been chosen to teach at Sol Schools International for their academic qualifications, as well as their dedication to teaching English. All Sol Schools International teachers are committed to helping you learn the English language quickly and effectively.

Our Unique Curriculum

What sets our curriculum apart from that of other schools? It's ALIVE! Many other ESL schools' curriculum is textbook based, but ours is theme based, which makes it broad enough to cover a much greater range of topics while offering teachers the opportunity to tailor language skills to students’ individual needs. Our curriculum is comprised of 17 different weekly themes that are repeated about three times per calendar year. Within each theme, teachers are free to explore a variety of sub-themes.

The way our curriculum is designed allows teachers to incorporate a wide range of authentic material into the classroom. As a result, students acquire real language that they can use outside of the classroom. Many of the after-school activities organized by our Activities Coordinators are planned around the weekly themes, so learning also extends outside of the classroom.

Grammar points are clearly outlined each week with some weeks being assigned to reviewing language that students struggled with. The reading, writing, listening and speaking language skills are separated into 50 minute blocks. Within each block, teachers address the sub-skills that a particular group of students need to work on. This allows students to strengthen skill areas where they need improvement, not to work on something simply because it says it in 'the book.'

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