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Behind every activity, every Letter of Acceptance, every table at a fair and every student placed in a homestay, there is a real person... a really hard working and dedicated person, making sure everything is done well.

To make these great people feel incredibly uncomfortable about themselves, we have asked them all to write a little bit about themselves so you know who you will be meeting and dealing with when you arrive at one of our schools. Here we are:

IH Staff - The Sol Monkey

The Monkey

Mascot Extraordinaire

"The Monkey" represents nothing more than the fun and playful atmosphere of our schools. Over the years, we have taught thousands of people how to master the English language, but we have always tried to have a good time while doing this.

When classes are on, things are serious, but when classes are over, we enjoy having fun as much as the students do, so we spend an incredible amount of time and energy trying to organize activities, outings, contests, sports teams, parties and everything imaginable to have fun and make everyone feel at home.

Years ago the students collectively decided that a monkey would be the perfect animal to represent the fun and playful character of our schools. Today you can witness this by checking our Facebook pages or signing up to get our monthly newsletter - MonkeyPress!

IH Staff - The Sol Monkey

Ramie Goudreau

Director Head Office Sol Schools Toronto

My job is to make sure our students have the overall best time possible while at our schools. I’ve traveled and lived in a few other countries and know what it’s like to be an international student. I use this experience to help all of our students feel welcome and try to make Sol Schools their home away from home.

I first began traveling when I was 18 and lived in Spain for 1 year studying Spanish. I was very nervous because I didn’t speak Spanish very well, but I ended up having a great time. After that I attended Brooklyn College (CUNY) in Brooklyn, NY and graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in 2001. I then taught elementary school in New York City for five years before moving back to Canada. After arriving in Toronto, I began working at Sol Schools Toronto (formerly IH Toronto) and have been with the company since 2007. Over the years, I have held several positions with Sol Schools International including teacher, interim DOS, Internship Coordinator and Director of Sol Schools Calgary. In 2009, I completed a two-month internship in France teaching English at a little village school. I also received my Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Toronto during 2009 and moved to Calgary, Alberta near the Rocky Mountains to be Sol Schools Calgary’s school director. I moved back to Toronto in June 2011 and have been the Director of Sol Schools Toronto ever since.

In my free time, I enjoy cooking, good wine, traveling, hiking, skiing, snowboarding and time with friends and family.

IH Staff - The Sol Monkey

James Peever

Director Sol Schools Miami Beach

I have been working for Sol Schools since 2009. I attended Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada where I obtained a degree in Commerce. Then I began to travel. I have visited more than 25 countries around the world and have lived in many as well. I love to explore and learn new things about the world, meeting wonderful people along the way. I returned to Toronto in the capacity of English teacher and then moved to Miami Beach as School Director at the beginning of 2011.

I would love to have you come and study at my school in Miami Beach under the beautiful sun. If you are interested in getting a wicked tan and living it up "Miami Style," join one of our programs.


Hugo Brent

Director of Sol Schools Vancouver

Although I’m originally from London I have been a member of the Oxford House Group since 2010 when I began working in at our campus in Sydney Australia. Since then I have worked in five of our schools across 3 continents. I’m extremely happy to be the Director of Sol Schools Vancouver where I am able to use all of my experience to ensure our students have the best possible experience whilst studying with us. Vancouver is a fantastic city to live in and a great place to visit.

My favorite hobby is travelling – when I’m not on a vacation I‘m dreaming about the next one. I love the outdoors; camping, skiing, hiking and exploring, but I also enjoy socializing too; on a hot day you’ll find me chatting over a cold drink, while on a cold day you’ll find me relaxing with a hot drink!


Lisa Stamm

Director of Studies

I have been working for Sol Schools Toronto since 2009. I began my ESL career in Toronto as a teacher, where I quickly realized how much I love this industry and the students who come to Canada to study English. As a teacher, I taught general English, as well as many exam preparation classes including FCE and CAE.

I graduated from York University with a BA in Mass Communications and English, after which I went to Seneca College to get a diploma in Radio and Television Production. After a short career in television production I moved into teaching ESL. Now as the Director of Studies for Sol Schools Toronto, I work closely with the teachers and students to ensure that the best English program is being delivered.

In my spare time I love watching TV shows like Doctor Who, movies, attending live music shows, and playing video games. I also enjoy traveling to different parts of the world and experiencing new cultures.


Philip Smith

Housing Toronto

Born and bred in N. Ireland, I first began working in the ESL/EFL industry in 2005 when I went to S. Korea for two years. IH Toronto (now Sol Schools) was my second IH experience as I worked part-time at IH Belfast 2009-10 where the majority of students would have been from a European background (Spain, Slovakia, Poland, Italy…). I first came to Sol Schools Toronto in 2012 and worked as one of the teachers for around 2 years before moving into the more administrative side of things.

In my free time, I like church, reading, writing, socialising (all the usual things) and avoid sports as much as possible. Sorry, Leafs.


Nick Moore

Activities Coordinator

I’ve worked with Sol Schools Toronto as an Activity Coordinator for almost three years now. Originally working with the Teenage Adventure Program, I moved to the head office in October and have enjoyed every minute since!

A third-cultured-kid, I grew up around the world and truly understand what it means to make the most of every new experience. Having only lived in Toronto for a couple years, you’ll still find me having as much fun as all the students.

I received my degree in Political Science at the University of Guelph and am actively involved with music and sports. Drawing on my experiences from the past, I hope to help provide lasting memories and a great experience for all students at Sol Schools.


Amy Howitt

Housing & Student Activities Coordinator (Vancouver)

I’m Amy, the Activities and Housing Coordinator in Vancouver. I am here to help you explore this awesome city and all the surrounding natural beauty. I am from Toronto but moved to Vancouver and began working for Sol Schools in June 2014. I love being outside, riding my bike, hearing stories and exploring new places. If you enjoy being close to nature while enjoying all the convenience of a big city, you will love Vancouver. We can go hike in the mountains or kick back on the beach but whatever your interests you’ll experience all the culture, food and drink that Vancouver has to offer!

International House Language Schools and teacher training centres (ESL, TESL, TESOL)

Judy Sidoro

Teacher Trainer

My love of traveling began as a child but grew and grew over the years. While studying in university, the traveling bug stuck and I could do some traveling but still wanted to see more, the other side of the world. After completing my degrees I headed for Osaka, Japan where I started my teaching career in 2000. While in Japan, I had the opportunity to teach a wide variety of classes and students from Business English, TOEFL™, TOEIC™ and Young learners in addition to creating and designing curriculums and lessons in a multimedia-teaching environment as well as in the classroom. Over my years teaching in Japan, I also got to travel all over Asia and that made me love traveling even more. After leaving Japan, I headed for Europe and Australia to travel and catch up with friends.

Returning to Toronto, I began teaching for Sol Schools International Toronto in 2003. While teaching here I taught a range of classes, from Business English to Young Learners and did some curriculum development.

Over the recent years, I’ve been busy with Teacher Training; teaching TESL courses. Training new teachers and sharing my knowledge and experiences that allows them to travel the world and teach others is rewarding and enjoyable.

I am still passionate about traveling and try to get away as often as I can but photography comes a close second as one of my favourite things. I guess seeing things from different perspectives over the years has fueled my love for photography too.


Tomoko Asahina

Marketing (Japan)

Born and raised in Japan, I fell in love with Canada on my first visit as a high school exchange student. I have since been to Canada a few times and finally decided to settle down and work here.

I work as the Japanese Marketing Coordinator at the school and love the variety and excitement it offers and, of course, the trips to Japan from time to time.

Although I come across as a shy person at first, if you find me at one of my favorite clubs or lounges after a few drinks, I am quite the opposite!

I spend a lot of time not only marketing the school, but also taking care of the Japanese clients in the schools.


Elaine Sun


Hi everyone, my name is Elaine Sun, and I am the bookkeeper of Sol Schools International. I have more than 5 years experience in accounting, payroll and administration. I immigrated to Canada with my family in 2006. After I got my diploma in Accounting and Finance from Seneca College, I started working at Sol Schools in Feb 2009.I like working of Sol Schools because here we have nice and friendly staff, and the students are very nice and passionate.

In my spare time, I like music, reading, travelling and photograph.


Julieta Rodriquez

Student Services Coordinator, Miami

A My name is Julieta, but most people call me Julie. I am the Student Service Coordinator for Sol Schools International – Miami Beach Campus. I help students from the beginning of their registration to their final days in Miami Beach. I enroll students in classes, helping with accommodations, and organize extracurricular activities to enjoy their stay as best as possible. Having lived in Miami Beach for the majority of my life (26 years) I guide them with my vast knowledge of the city and everything it has to offer.

I have been working in the Education field for about 10 years. Coming from a big university, Florida International University, I appreciate the quality a small school brings. With its potential of growth and its personal customer service oriented philosophy the rewards that come out of my job are far beyond what I could find in a large scale university. I love the interaction with the students and feel blessed being able to help them out with the small daily things. It is rewarding to make their stay in Miami Beach their best experience they ever had. Meeting people from all over the world is a bonus that has enriched my life in so many ways. Learning about each student’s culture will never stop to be exciting. Each day is something new. It is amazing!

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